Duck Dynasty Is Fake!

Phil and his ignorant family from Duck Dynasty get destroyed and exposed for the fakes they are. How gullible are you people to fall for this shit? If you li…


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Sachmo Martinez December 21, 2013

Thing is, it is Phils SOLICITED opinion. Everyone has an opinion. I
couldn’t care less what his opinion is because it doesn’t effect me. How
does his opinion effect anyone elses life? That is what is getting me. So
what if he is a yuppie. This is America. Home of the scam artiist. His
opinion still has no bearing on my life until a bunch of people take it to
heart and act as if GOD has spoken. He’s just another dude, just another
scam artists millionaire. What does what he thinks matter?

Mary Walters December 21, 2013

I grew up in the south and my family was non christian. Conservative
christians made my life miserable as well as my family.

They are all about themselves only and know nothing about christian love.
That’s why they hate Pope Francis too. 

RevCook100 December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty IS fake as shit lol 

admin December 21, 2013

Wow another example of an ignorant angry atheist that doesn’t find pleasure in understanding but only wants to air his own opinion. I for one would rather the duck dynasty cast put on their costumes for entertainment purposes and represent the south of the US rather than this foul mouthed, ignorant, angry atheist. Yes I said ignorant as the quote that he gave from Phil was actually straight out of the bible. Robertson, 67, paraphrases a Bible passage from the New Testament: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers – they won’t inherit the kingdom of God.”

That’s a pretty close citation of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, which is a letter from Paul, often called the father of Christianity theology, to a new Christian community in Corinth, Greece.

Furthermore, lots and lots of rich men enter the kingdom of God notice in very same scripture sited by this atheist when Jesus was talking to the rich man Matthew 19:21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Notice Jesus said “if you want to be perfect..” and he said this right after he gave a brief sin list…he was saying to the man “if you want to be perfect…” not if you want to enter the kingdom of God. There is difference between following God and trying to perfect. Following God is a practice and a pass fail graded effort not a measure of perfection. Jesus was trying to bring the man to a higher following and not saying if he didn’t sell all of his possessions he would not enter the kingdom of God for if Jesus was to impose that demand on him, isn’t it reasonable that he would expect that from all of us? Jesus does not expect that from all of us instead he expects a best effort and rewards (treasure in heaven ) will follow that effort. The eye of the needle was a hole in the walls of towns that camels had to get down on their knees and shimmy themselves through…difficult not impossible.

It is very clear from Gods word that homosexuality is condemned by God as a “abominable sin”

We as Christians must love the human being but it make it clear that behavior is not acceptable to God and in the end it is Gods place, and Gods place only to Judge. We are called to love.

Arming yourself with the truth from Gods word will help you discern lies from truth.

Tim Geering December 21, 2013

Great video. . 

BigJoe89 December 21, 2013

LOL 2:10 Jesus has long hair in the pic. 

CanEHdianRocker December 21, 2013


Josh Mac December 21, 2013

You made some really good points. Like. . . uh. Well, like how they didn’t
used to have beards. Nailed it!

Erik Coreas December 21, 2013

Assuming it isn’t a publicity stunt, what a&e did was wrong.
The idea of being liberal is to be open minded to every thing right? So why
can they not be open minded to phil’s beliefs?
Pretty hypocritical to me. 

Nick W December 21, 2013

Everything on TV is fake now. Who gives a shit if its fake. It was a
fucking opinion. Not everyone will agree with you in life on your beliefs
so fuck you get over you whiney ass pussies. 

matthew neville December 22, 2013

Your an idiot

McWilliams River Home December 22, 2013

Then he needs to get off his ass and do some work. 

Baxter Eaves December 22, 2013

OMG. What a nasty mean spirited rant. You are NOT what the South really is.
Thank God. 

Joseph Martin December 22, 2013

What an idiot. Shocker he’s wearing a Darwin shirt constantly hating on
Christians. Way to be objective dumbass 

Stryle December 22, 2013

You, sir, have earned my subscription. 

David Ruck December 22, 2013

I hope no one believes this b. s. Everything you say about Christians on
here is twisted. 

Christopher Kelly December 22, 2013

Speaking of hate. . . this video drips with it. 

Irene HⓋ December 22, 2013

Ask A&E to stand by their removal of Phil from Duck Dynasty
https://www. causes. com/campaigns/71021-ask-a-e-to-stand-by-their-removal-of-phil-from-duck-dynasty

Ratteler December 22, 2013

You are such a dick!!! You’re being logical and reasonable!!!
How can I keep calling for drone strikes on the South when people like you
live there.
You asshole.

Ever consider moving north?

John Galt December 22, 2013

Quick! someone has an opinion that is against mine!!! I must silence it.
This is the cry of the typical close minded liberal. 

Janie Super December 22, 2013

freedom of speech is this video. awesome job!

DJ Strange December 22, 2013

Wow, this was pretty bigoted. 

Russel Jay December 22, 2013

Reynolds Wrap called. They want their tin foil hat back. 

Mark S. Taylor December 22, 2013

I fucking love this dude!!! 

reminder187 December 22, 2013

Cracker ass cracker. . I like to put down the white race and belittle them
by making them sound stupid and corny. But once someone says something
about my people, I get turnt up. Ya heard!

Patricia Jowett December 22, 2013

This video was awesome! Thankyou! :)

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